Sunday, October 23, 2016

Things you will (or might) need #7: Bras

Okay so, for a start, this is primarily aimed at women.

And secondly I am not a woman. Consequently treat my remarks in the same vein as if I were commenting on how to speak Swahili.

However, based on the fact that half or close to half of those who are running will be women I thought I should at least proffer the smallest crumbs of advice that have been proffered to me from a female runner.

First, make sure you have a sports bra.

Second, whatever bra you are wearing make sure it isn’t the first time you are wearing it. Like new runners and socks you should have at least brought it out for a few practice runs before you decide to take it along for 42.1 k of continuous movement.

And finally, a second bra can work wonders in that it can enable you to put/store/stash everything from keys to gels. That this gives you a more buxom look for those early marathon photographs is only an added bonus.

Other final female related tips I’ve been told include:
·         Fake tan and 42.1 km of sweat don’t generally mix, something especially relevant to those planning on on going to a mid-term wedding
·         Shaving legs should take place at least a day before so not to affect a good night’s sleep.
·         When it comes to using the toilet all bets are off – a free toilet is a free toiler no matter what gender is put over the door.

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