Friday, October 14, 2016

Sub 3, The Fifth Go – Dublin 2014 (Part 1)

After a decent amount off after a strange knee injury that was eventually discovered to be something more associated with young long-jumpers (go figure) I cam back strongly in the summer of 2014. I decided to go under the tutelage of Mark Kenneally, my Olympic marathon running physio who not only kept an eye on the body was now keeping an eye on my training. It was a great lead up.

I felt I was in the shape of my life with several solid months of training and a multiple of good runs and races completed. Short runs, long runs, interval runs, tempo runs, fartlek and hill sessions. I had ran several personal bests in races from 5ks to half-marathons. So when I lined up on the start line of Dublin Marathon 2014 I felt I was in the shape of my life and with the best chance I ever had of sub 3 hours.

At least I thought so.

Yesterday’s training
A sports massage (more on that later:).

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