Saturday, October 8, 2016

Things you will need #3: Shorts

When it comes to shorts there are really just three options here:
1.      A nice pair of light running shorts that rain, wind or shine will feel perfect. Pros with these shorts are that they nearly always have a light under-part that will mean that while you don’t have to wear underwear you won’t have to worry about your dynamic stretches ruining the eyes of any passer-bys.
2.      Thigh hugging running shorts. They are like bicycle shorts stretching down your thighs but tend to be a little bit more solid. The benefits of these are they give are nice and firm but not overly so and often contain the neatest little pocket on them that is ripe for an energy gel sachet or car key. The only drawback is that though not as bad as the traditional bicycle shorts you wouldn’t want to be standing chatting to someone seated in front of you for too long, unless you enjoy making your friends become visibly uncomfortable.
3.      O’Neill’s GAA shorts. A real classic and crowd pleaser. Wearing these will make people think you are at least a half-hour slower than your expected time. A real throw-back to the time we ran laps as a warm-up in the Junior C. For men you will generally have to wear some form of underwear with these unless you want your tackle thrown about for 26.2 miles, which is exactly 26 miles more than what the American Federation of Doctors suggest is healthy.

Yesterday’s training
A slow 14 k as evening turned to night and the loops in the field turned to stretches along the footpath.

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