Sunday, October 23, 2016


To listen or not to listen.

I guess it all depends on what you normally do.

Personally, when it comes to running with music I don’t. Part of this probably stems from the fact that I have always been pathologically useless in truly understanding technology and thus being able to sort out the whole, running, with a music device that actually has music I’d like to hear on it. While I claim bad genes for this, it is just as likely due to my laziness when it comes to all things digital.

That said I do like having a song play in my head as I run, whenever going solo. Now, I don’t have to know the lines but with a beat of sorts in the brain a long run can be an enjoyable affair with a sound-track playing in the background.

Of course, it is important to make sure whatever song you’re listening to, whether imaginary (like me) or real (like with headphones) your song choice should be one or made up of selections that don’t have high beats per minute, unless you are running a 5k or less. The same goes for absolute rock anthems. I mean Eye of the Tiger is great but do you really need it at mile 4? I would say, no, unless you want to kick on and sprint for him (for the next 22 miles). Ditto for those fast beat songs like the Wankelmut Remix of Asaf Avidan’s One Day. Absolute cracker for the last few hundred metres but a sure thing to ensure your wheels come off if you are listening to it on repeat from the get-go.

Of course, wearing headphones brings up a host of other unwanted issues that include:
·         Not being able to listen to the sights and sounds of a marathon that span from corner crowd cheers to the unison of race watch beeps every mile and kilometre.
·         Coming across as an exceedingly unfriendly git.
·         Being unable to hear your racing colleague shout at you, watch out for that runaway bull/car/pram/piano coming towards you!!!

For me then, I will be running ears open but with a steady beat song already picked out, something from Grounds for Invasion I think.

Yesterday’s Training
My last little long run of 14.5 k taking nearly 1 hr and 5 with 4 middle miles at a shade over race pace.

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