Monday, October 10, 2016

Things you will need #5: Tops

Unless the marathon is up and down the Copacabana you’ll need a top. Four more options here:

1.      A favourite technical top from a previous race, either one that looks cool or from a race you ran well.
2.      Your club top, which for me is my personal favourite, so you can pick up support from your fellow club-mates or those who simply recognise the colours.
3.      You charity top (as long as it a proper one that you can run with and not a t-shirt three sizes too large and made of a substance that reacts badly with sweat).
4.      Go wild and pick the most ridiculously retro or wild shirt you have like a ‘Feile ’91’, ‘Engineers do it better’ or ‘Almost Handsome’ because it might just draw people’s focus away from your face of pure contorted pain come 23 miles.

Yesterday’s training
32 k. 20 mile. The last long run. More on that tomorrow.

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