Sunday, October 9, 2016

Things you will need #4: Socks

Four options here:
1.      Running socks that you have trained in, meaning they have gone through at least one wash and can be trusted.
2.      Running socks that still have the silky smooth texture because you have only taken them out of the packet. They feel great on the bus up and the walk down to the line but no guarantee they won’t let your foot slip around for half the race, crushing your toes like a 1980’s back seat of children in a saloon car driving the Ring of Kerry without seatbelts.
3.      Ordinary socks because your running socks are in the wash or down the back of the couch.
4.      GAA socks because feck it, you love your club! (Although admiral, I’d urge against)

Yesterday’s training
A slow morning 14 k along the banks of the Boyne. Despite the absence of any fellow runners it seemed so much shorter than the 1 hr and 10 that it was.

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