Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sub 3, The Fourth Go – Sevilla 2013 (Part 1)

“You run right up and into the stadium?”
“A stadium”.
“Yes, the World Championship Stadium of 1993. You run into the Estadio Olimpico Stadium like the marathon runners back then and finish a lap”.
“Is it a big stadium?”
“Wow! that’s class”, I added.
“You can even stay in the stadium. They’ve got a hotel there”.
“Wow! that’s class”, I added more.

And with that the 2013 Sevilla Marathon had me sold.

Foreign marathons have become more and more appealing over the years and you can understand why. I mean, a foreign city. A weekend break. The feeling that because you will be running 26.2 miles you can allow yourself a little splurge with a trip away. And then of course there is great opportunity to see the place, even though it’s probably the first 5 k that you’ll really truly enjoy it.

My first two experiences overseas were perhaps not fair examples. I mean yes, Berlin and Edinburgh were beautiful places to visit but with one being my first true marathon and the other one being where I collapsed they probably didn’t give me the best sense of the appeal of a foreign marathon.

Sevilla however would be different. February in Andalucia with oranges beginning to ripen, warming sun though not yet summer hot, friendly people, good food, beautiful buildings and I had a few friends living here?

I mean what could go wrong? Well the training for the start. A February marathon in Spain means a winter marathon training in Ireland.


Yesterday’s training
The interval training that I missed out on yesterday. 4 x 1 miles at half-marathon pace.

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