Thursday, October 6, 2016

& the things you definitely don’t like people shouting at you when you're running a marathon:

·         Take the bus!
·         You’re stride is all wrong!
·         Jaysus, what’s that coming out of your nose!
·         You look knackered!
·         It looks a lot faster on TV!
·         Give up!
·         He’s gaining!
·         I want that report on my desk by Tuesday!

Yesterday’s training
A good tough session to get back into the swing off it after a few days rest and light runs. After a long warm-up of about 4-5 k, 6 miles continuous increasing in speed every two miles from about 6.50 minute miles to 6.40 minute miles to a final 6.30 minute brace of miles. Ended up clocking near 18 k. The watch read 19 but that was because I forgot to stop it when Ik drove off in the car (which obviously brought the average pace down too!)

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