Saturday, October 22, 2016

Favourite Tops

I’ve seen the Dublin Marathon medal for this year. It looks class. I like the medals for marathons. They are really solid yokes whose weight really give a solid sense of achievement. That said they can feel a little heavy when you get them, especially after 26.2 miles. While medals are a great way to seal the finish I tend to prefer the technical t-shirts that you get with races. This is probably due to the fact that you get to wear them as a badge of honour on your runs, something that is not easy to do with the medal!

I haven’t seen Dublin 2016’s t-shirt just yet but I’m hoping it will be a good one that might make my top three.

My top three technical tops:

Cork 2011 – Red is always a nice colour and this red was a rich claret made of the closest thing to silk I think you can get. Nothing exceptional in its images but to this day I love wearing it and it has come along with me under my Trim A.C. top in many a cold race.

Braveheart 2016 – It’s a technical top. It’s aluminous orange. You can wear it at night when you’re running. It has a cool looking runner print on it.  It’s from the local race. What’s not to like.

Barcelona 2015 – It’s always nice to have a foreign marathon top and since my cool Berlin 2008 top has disappeared, this quickly becoming faded Barcelona one is my favourite.

And then the not so good ones:

Dublin 2014 – With sponsors so late on board the t-shirt came late too with some questionable colours, questionable long sleeves and questionable collar it has seen very little light of day.

Connemarathon 2009 – Yes, the ‘I Hit the Wall’ does look kind of cool but it looks less cool if you got the exact same one last year for less.

Braveheart 2015 – It’s a technical top. It’s aluminous yellow. You can wear it at night when you’re running. But on the back of it you have the unfortunate design and mixture of sponsors that sees Aura Healthclub and Rentokil come up with the phrase Rentokil Where People Come to Feel Better”

Thursday’s Training
A lovely light 8k with the old friend David

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