Thursday, August 25, 2016

How you know you’re at risk of or have become dangerously dehydrated during a marathon.

  • You are getting thirsty and you are still at the start line.
  • A man who looks to be of Asian extraction is standing beside you wearing a cap (and you’re not).
  • Several of the crowd are already using umbrellas and it’s not raining!
  • You are thirsty.
  • From early on you begin to criss-cross the road as you run looking for the shade.
  • You feel things aren’t going so well at 9 miles.
  • Despite having a drink at each stop you are still thirsty.
  • Fellow athletes are running single file along what has become thin shadows given off from neighbouring walls.
  • You think if you can make it to half way, then at least you’ll only have half to do!
  • God, you’re thirsty.
  • Your head starts to go up and down like one of those dogs on the car dashboard.
  • You need to lose weight, and start throwing away stuff you’ve got strapped to you.
  • You are no longer thirsty.
  • You believe you have 400 metres to go instead of 4 miles.
  • You kinda collapse.
  • You get up.
  • You properly collapse.
  • You feel you are passing out.
  • You get emotional because what will your parents think at the finishing line when they don’t see you?
  • You can’t remember your phone number.
  • You fall in love with the doctor who has experienced treating people are dangerously dehydrated from her experience in the Parais-Dakar rally.
  • You’re on an IV drip.

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