Friday, September 30, 2016

Things you will need #2: Runners

Obvious one really. Everyone needs runners. There’s a plethora of brands runners put there that basically do the same thing – they help you get from Point A (the start) to Point B (the finish). If you are thinking of changing you runners because your current pair:

·         Have holes in them.
·         Have half a sole hanging off them.
·         Are going to clash with your chosen race top.
·         Have utterly lost their bounce because you’ve ran more than a few hundred miles in them.
·         Have been last seen in the mouth of your neighbour’s dog.

..then I’d suggest you buy a pair as soon as possible because if you don’t have them broke in over the next few weeks, you may forget about wearing them come race-day. To help you make up mind we have given a brief guide to help:

Asics – Nearly every runner has had a pair of Asics at some stage in their running life. I’ve had three. It is a really solid runner’s runner. They are also the type of runner you buy as a Christmas present for someone you know likes running. (Of course never ever buy a pair of runners for someone who likes running. That’d would be like buying a bride or groom for someone because you know they’d like to get married).

Saucony – People who buy Saucony are also the type of people who don’t buy the cheap white wine because it is on sale in SuperValu. Instead they are the selective type who spend 15 minutes looking for the right Pinot Grigio to go with the mussels dish they are cooking later.

New Balance – A big hit for fans of dystopian science-fiction films, New Balance give you the impression that by wearing them you’ll benefit from some new type of mind-bending technology. You won’t. But they are comfortable.

Hi-Tec – If you are wearing a pair of Hi-Tec runners you are also probably also wearing an O’Neill’s shorts and a Saw Doctors t-shirt. Check the year and you’ll probably find out you’ve woken up in 1993. Quickly find the time-machine you used to get back here and return to the present immediately.

Mizuno – Ex-footballers like these because of how they sound like a pair of boots they would have loved to have bought when they were younger had their parents been willing to pay that bit more instead of the £30 they ended up spending on those same black pair of Adidas everyone else had whose tongue didn’t even bend down.

Under Armour – Under armour do runners?! That’s what is usually most frequently asked to those people who are wearing under-armour runners. These same people were also amongst the first people to starting drinking beetroot juice and eating quinoa.

Brooks – I knew little of these runners until a pair of bananas sold them to me in Barcelona. True story. Since then I’ve found out that Brooks are one of the largest retailers of runners in the U.S. Though this might suggest that they are some faceless multinational conglomerate, it didn’t stop them swapping my runners for a bigger pair when after a few kilometres of running (which I admitted to) I realised they were too small. Lovely people but and the bananas were great too. True story.

Puma – You either have a beard and make your own craft-beer or used to play tennis. Either way if you are not a good runner you can be guaranteed that you look good with these on.

Nike – Often worn by those entirely new to running. Not because they aren’t a good pair of runners but because they panicked when they went into the shop and saw just how many runners there actually are. In the absence of a store assistant they only recognised the Swoosh and bought these! Nike runners are also a fan of those who think running is all about running really fast in a town like you’ve been chased by the cops and have the lungs of a Kenyan.

Tuesday’s training
Fast one this and the legs were barely recovered from the weekend! 40 mins at just below marathon pace non-stop.

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