Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bad thoughts out, good thoughts in.

Running is great, not only for the body but also the mind. And while it might not sound like it for the non-runner, there can be fewer refreshing things than an 8 or 10 k run. And this is not just for body but also the mind.

Sometimes however it can be hard to get the mind right for a run. Maybe you’ve had a hard-day at the office; the boss has been chowing down on you; your previously adorable puppy has left a smelly gift on the carpet you back-packed around Asia with; you scraped someone’s car as you dropped in for a paper; or worse again someone scraped yours and left no forwarding number for you to ring. Perhaps teething has stopped you from getting enough sleep and you and your partner are having difficulty agreeing on whose fcking turn it is to put in the soother! For whatever reason sometimes when starting off on a run all you can think about are the things that are pissing you off today and that’s no craic.

If you ever get a day like this I would suggest against doing a circuit. Instead take on a run where you go out and then back.

With this mind the first half of the run, the outwards journey, can allow your mind to remain angry and frustrated with everything that is currently going wrong with your world. Then as you get to the turn allow those troubles to keep on running. Meanwhile you turn around and head for home with the large amount of naturally releasing endorphins now coursing through your body helping you to remember all that is right in your world.

Good times (even if you still have to clean that carpet).

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