Sunday, September 18, 2016

Red & White

It wasn’t always red and white and for a while it was green with two yellow stripes that ran across it when the club was Yellow Steeple A.C.

Now however it is the distinctive red and white stripes that came about partly due to the fact that it needed to be rebranded and partly due to the fact that a company instead of producing a sample actually produced a set.

What is great about the t-shirt is how distinctive it is. I know very few other clubs whose colours stand-out so much. So while this might be crap if Trim A.C. ever went on a pheasant shoot offering little in the sense of camouflage it sure is great for identifying fellow team-mates during races.

While it is open to debate/not really agreed on, some unlikely theories as to what the red and white stripes signify include:
·         A celebration of Trim’s long and deep association with Stoke City Football Club.
·         The death of historic strong-man and builder of Trim Castle Hugh De Lacy’s. According to legend so bloodstained was his white-tunic following his murder, the only part that remained white was beneath his sword belt.
·         Trim people’s preference for raspberry ripple over vanilla ice-cream.
·         The fact that the polka dot design had been already taken.
·         The community of Kharijite Muslims who used to live up by St. John’s whose traditional colour was red and who having signed the General Maraitime Treaty of 1920, included the colour white upon the British Empire’s request to signify the peace that had been struck.
·         The virtues of courage (red) and virtue (white) historically displayed outside the Boot nightclub back in the day.

Yesterday’s training
Rest (with a bit of landscaping)

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