Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Good Season

A good season in…

…honey is production from late May all the way through to August.

…wine is grapes perfectly formed and ready to crush come fall.

…blackcurrants is a long-spell of very cold dry Winter weather for at least a week.

…farming is long dry warm summer weather with occasional outbreaks of rain.

…Indian food is cardamom or nutmeg.

…the Wire is the one about education when Pryzbylewski was in the classroom.

A good season in…

…running I thought was two years ago when despite not making it in my last proper attempt at the 3-hour marathon, I ran a half-marathon personal best, a 5 k personal best and little more than a month after I’d run Dublin, a 10 k personal best.

Having come back from injury (again) and still hanging in there (touchwood) I now realise a good season in running is any season when you are simply able to run.

Yesterday’s training
Rest and boy does my body need it.

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