Friday, September 9, 2016

Refreshing things

A list of my top ten refreshing things (or kind of):

1.      A hot shower on a winter’s day.

2.      A Saturday lie-in.

3.      A nice 8 – 10 k run.
4.      A cold glass of milk on a warm day.

5.      A cold glass of cider/beer on a warm day (preferably in Spain or on a Friday).

6.      Someone catching up with you to give you wallet that you left behind you at the check-out counter.

7.      A relaxing shoulder massage (not a sport massage).

8.      A mug of tae (not tea but ‘tae’).

9.      A chewing-gum movie at the end of the week.

10.  One of those refreshing towels that you sometimes get on those swish-ass long-haul flights and which you are never fully sure if it is for your hands, your face or for something altogether different.

Yesterday’s training
A slow 8k.

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