Friday, September 2, 2016

My club - Trim AC

(Just over a month ago)

You would wonder who would come out in weather like this. While the rain was beginning to let up following another torrential downpour, the threatening charcoal towers in the sky promising nothing but more heavy rains, with the only question being how soon would they come again.

Yet when I arrived there were as many as 20 runners of all ages and abilities waiting in the lessening drizzle ready to get started. It’s some commitment. And then over and around the brow of a small ridge came another 20 odd runners like a scene out of the Lord of the Rings. Reinforcements. Trim AC is some club.

In fairness, we are lucky in Trim. The old soccer club I once played for won the 2014 FAI Club of the Year, with hives of youngsters lining out every weekend. And then of course we have the GAA, hurling, football and camogie, the biggest amateur organisation in the world with a branch in town healthily operating out the Boardsmill Road. And then there are other sports and other organisations from the Tidy Towns to the Olympiad. It’s a great little community.

I have been involved in some of these clubs but it’s the athletic club that my body that’s seen its fair share of injuries now hangs out with. And they are a great bunch. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in town since the days of Homestead, Moores stationery and Doyles sweetshop with milk teeth costing 3p, or if you’ve just arrived in from Dublin because the rental market got too much. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ran sub 3 every marathon for years or your ambition is just to get fit. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome.

And every Tuesday and Thursday come evening time, in the fields when its bright, along the well-lit paths when its dark, runners come out.

Yesterday’s training
Strength & conditioning.

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