Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The First Long Run of the Year

(The Sunday before last.)

Dropping the car over at the folks before jogging down the lane to meet up with two friends for the first long run of the year on a bright Sunday morning. What could be nicer?* I mean we even turned up wearing three complimenting running technical tops - red, blue and orange!

Long runs are best run with friends. 35k feels like a 5, and with good conversation and some laughs you’re home and hosed before you know it.

I’m acutely aware that a marathon programme will have its fair share of niggles; with the risk of small doses of cough and colds; and times when the thought of going out for a run is as inviting as a slow puncture. And then there are the days when the rain is relentless, or the sun bores down on you or the wind is always in your face regardless of the fact that you are running a loop! But not today.

Today, it’s warm, it’s friendly and we’re done by midday.

While this might not be the official start of my 100 days of training, coming a week before it, it does feel like the first proper day of my marathon prep and if it is all this easy (and I know it won’t) then happy days.

*Birth of your first child, your wedding day, a promotion, the county winning the All-Ireland, breakfast in bed, finding €20 on the ground in the car park, passing the NCT when you didn’t expect to, a sun holiday, waking up early and then realising it is the weekend, etc.
Still a run on a bright Sunday morning is still pretty feckin good!

 Slow run - 20 mins
Had intended a longer one but with left calf a little tight from last night's training I decided to cut this short.

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