Tuesday, December 27, 2016

If you’re still going, well done.

So, after “Christmas Party Season” we had some “Winter Weather Proper Season”. For the last several weeks and months the weather has been great. Of course, if you were visiting from somewhere Mediterranean it might not fall into your meteorological definition of great, but for us Irish it has been a lovely winter. Very little severe frost, an absence of poorly named Atlantic Storms and little in the way of sustained stretches of rainfall. As a runner, it’s been excellent. That was until last week when the weather closed in and it finally felt like winter. Cold, damp, rain, wind and Storm Barbara. In this type of weather, it is oh so easy to swap the Brooks for a Bake-Off, their Asics for an Attenborough, the Garmin for a Gogglebox as you close the curtains, turn the heat up and break out that box of Seasons Greetings.

It was those Season’s Greetings that I was thinking of as I wrapped up and took off along the side-streets and foot-paths of town on Tuesday night for a short run. Thankfully I had my brother home from Oz for company, which just about got me through. Despite the fact, he had only just left 30+ Celsius summer sunshine Down Under, in his veins still runs Irish blood so he didn’t mind (much) the bitter wind, the icy chill and the flicks of rain.

He proved good company again on Friday when we got out for what was only my second an only other run of the week. It was a fast session with 3 minutes on and one minute recovery repeated four times. On the way, out Storm Barbara’s tail-wind saw me fly along at about 3 and a half minutes a kilometre pace while on my way back getting below 4 minutes a kilometre seemed a terror. Winter weather I tell you!

Thankfully the weather is due to change a little once we get pass Christmas weekend so if you can get past Saturday and Sunday and into “More Turkey, Ham & Stuffing Season” then you’ve done well and are almost half way through.

Slow run: 40 minutes.
Tough run: 10 min warm up – 4 x 6 mins intervals with 2 mins recovery - 10 mins warm down.
Long run: 60 minutes slow.

Finally one last idea. There are plenty of Christmas 5 and 10 k events that you can use for your tough run and to burn off that Christmas turkey and ham.


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