Saturday, November 26, 2016

And we’re off!

So you’ve bought an entry into the Trim 10 Mile. Or you’ve been bought an entry into the Trim 10 Mile. Or you are contemplating buying an entry into the Trim 10 Mile.

And as a result, you are left contemplating winter training.

Winter training!

Even saying it brings out the goose-bumps and the thoughts of Siberian Gulags and roads closed due to snow.

So, let’s first get this all out of the way before I continue. Reasons why you don’t look forward to winter training:
·         Cold
·         Rain
·         Wind
·         Sleet
·         Snow
and then let’s not forget
·         Cold, rainy, windy, sleety, snow.

Now that we’ve got them out of the way, let’s look at the reasons to look forward to winter training.
·         Remember the camaraderie you had from summer training? Well double that and then some. Running with those same people during winter brings people even closer (if only to protect against the wind!)
·         A hot shower after a run is nice. A hot shower after a winter’s run is nicer.
·         When most people drive by those out training during winter they sometimes feels pangs of regret, pity or remorse. When you begin winter training and you drive by others out training, you feel pride.
·         You will feel absolutely no regret. None whatsoever diving into Christmas seconds having gone out for a light 8 k on a cold crisp Christmas Day morning.
·         In fact you could even pass off a midnight snack of a turkey and ham sandwich as carb loading.
·         As for that late-night tipple with old friends who are home just for the holidays, nothing offsets guilt than the knowledge of an 8-mile long run done earlier that day.
·         And remember, there is nothing better than coming into the spring time season with lengthening days, sprouting buds and greening hedgerows than also feeling fit.

And that’s where the Trim 10 Miler comes in. A real runner’s run and a race that those who’ve braved old Jack Frost over November, December and Januember can reward themselves with. Roll on winter training. Roll on.

Finally, as for that cold, rainy, windy, sleety, snow well there has never been a weather more suited to the wearing of under-armour. For those who don’t know what this, under-armour is that body-hugging tops and bottoms that you wear under your t-shirt and shorts that makes you feel you are running covered with hot-water bottles. It is the apparel equivalent of Superman shorts and a cape. If you haven’t got any, buy some. You will rarely feel less guilty buying clothes.

After that you’re set. Go home. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine or beer. Put on the Netflix. Sleep in. (Children permitting). And tomorrow we’ll settle on a plan.

Finally, if you’re still contemplating, just press click. Trust me. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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