Sunday, November 27, 2016

Right, a plan!

So it’s booked, there’s no going back, the Trim 10 Mile. On Sunday February 5th, you will be lined up ready and rearing to go. But we need to get there first and we have ten weeks to do it! The great thing about training plans is that no matter how far you have run or how fast you think you can, most people’s training programmes are roughly the same.

To best understand them try to think of training programmes as if they were a beer. While there are many different variations of beer they all generally contain the same core ingredients of grain, hops, yeast and water. So that’s what we will use for our training programme (simple key ingredients not the beer!). Keeping the water as water let’s swap the grain for short slow runs, the hops for long slow runs and the yeast for our tough intense fast runs. More on each of those tomorrow.

And that is what I will base the plan on. I will give you a blueprint based on three runs a week and aimed at a time of 1 hr 30 minutes. If you want to run a bit more than a week then that’s no problem. And if you want to finish faster than 1 hr 30 that’s fine too. You can always add a small amount of time onto the short and long runs and go a little faster for the quick stuff.

Then at the end of the week I will share with you how I got on. While I will be aiming for a slightly quicker time than 1 hr 30 mins I will be enjoying and enduring the training just as you are. Along with a weekly update and schedule of runs I will occasionally add a few titbits of info of varying degrees of usefulness/uselessness.

So, to begin this week:
·         Tuesday – The short run – 30 minute slow run, which means slower than you would run at during a race.
·         Thursday – The tough fast run – Begin with a 10 minute warm up. Warm ups and warm downs should be done at talking pace, which means you are able to tell the person beside you how your day was without being out of breath. Then run at your 5 k pace for 4 minutes. When you hit 4 minutes stop and take a 3 minute rest to recover before running for another 4 minutes before another 3 minute recovery. Repeat this for two more times so that you will have ran 4 x 4 minutes. Finish with a 10 minute warm down.
·         Weekend – The long run – 50 minute slow run.

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